Teachers & Researchers with a Pre-Existing Relationship

The goal of PolarTREC is to advance polar science education and understanding by bringing K-12 educators and polar researchers together through hands-on field experiences. Occasionally, teachers and researchers with pre-existing relationships are interested in furthering their work together through the structured activities and financial support of the PolarTREC program.

This includes:

  • A teacher and researcher who have worked together in the past on their own or through a different program other than TREC or PolarTREC, and are now interested in working together and incorporating PolarTREC activities into their pre-existing relationship.

  • Teachers or researchers with a specific partner in mind but haven't had a pre-existing relationship and want to collaborate exclusively.

  • A TREC or PolarTREC teacher and researcher applying to continue their work together for an additional field season, whether it is the same or a new research project. (Please contact the program managers before applying.)

While PolarTREC believes that supporting pre-existing and ongoing teacher-researcher relationships is very important, we feel strongly about building new teacher-researcher relationships. Because of this, we have fewer opportunities to support teachers and researchers with a pre-existing relationship who are interested in participating in PolarTREC.

If any of the above conditions describe your situation, please follow the directions in the "Applying to Work Together" section below.

If you are unsure about your situation, please feel free to contact us at info [at] polartrec.com to discuss it further.

Applying to Work Together:

  1. Both teacher and researcher must complete the full PolarTREC Teacher Application or PolarTREC Researcher Application by the specified deadline. Make sure the teacher/researcher you are interested in working with is aware of this and the deadline.

  2. In the application, complete the question asking to list the name, institution, and email of the teacher/researcher you are interested in working with.

  3. Both the teacher and researcher must jointly complete the Supplementary Questions for Preexisting Teacher – Researcher Teams in the Word Document below. This document does not need to be submitted at the same time as the individual applications but does need to be submitted by the general application deadline.

DEADLINE: We will be accepting applications Monday, 12 September 2016 - Monday, 10 October, 2016.

Download Supplementary Questions: Download Document (231KB)

The Selection Process and Next Steps:

  1. Both the teacher and researcher's application is subject to the full PolarTREC selection process. Both of the applications must rank adequately to be further considered for selection.

  2. If both applications rank adequately, both the teacher and researcher will be asked to participate in a group interview with the PolarTREC Project Managers. This interview will be used to learn more about the research project and the plans for transferring the experience.

  3. If the teacher and researcher are accepted into the program, they will receive a formal acceptance packet and further information. ARCUS will begin to organize travel to so that the teacher can participate in the required PolarTREC Orientation.

Important Items to Know:

  • If selected, teachers and researchers with a pre-existing relationship will be required to complete all PolarTREC Program Requirements. Please review these before completing the application.

  • Teachers and researchers interested in working exclusively with one another should complete the Supplementary Questions for Preexisting Teacher – Researcher Teams. If a teacher would like to be considered for other projects, or a researcher would like to consider other teachers, DO NOT complete this form, simply specify on your application your interest in this individual or research project.

  • We are flexible! If the research project has sufficient funds to cover the teacher's full participation in the research experience, orientation, and ARCUS administrative costs, we will accommodate you. Please contact info [at] polartrec.com if you would like to discuss this option further.

If you have further questions or concerns, please contact the PolarTREC Project Managers at info [at] polartrec.com or 907-474-1600.